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LED Lightbulbs

Whether replacing the bulb in a ceiling fan or a light fixture, LED light bulbs for your home require less energy than incandescent bulbs and have a much longer life. The variety of base widths, shapes and
sheens makes transitioning to LED replacement light bulbs simple.

Since LED light bulbs often give off directional light, they function well as indoor accent lighting and are even well-suited for the outdoors. Because of their long life, LED flood light bulbs are an especially nice option if you want to limit the number of times you have to head outside to switch them out. And if you need to control the brightness of a light, dimmable LED light bulbs are available as well.

Ace Hardware can help you find the right LED light bulbs to accommodate your lighting needs. For more information on indoor and outdoor lighting visit your local Ace or check out our guide on installing outdoor lighting.