Providing excellent customer service since 1969!
Bassil’s Ace Hardware was founded in December 1969 by John Bassil and Ed Taylor. Located at 4419 Transcontinental Drive in the Pontchartrain Shores subdivision in Metairie, Louisiana, Bassil’s Ace Hardware began as a modest neighborhood hardware store catering to the building trade as the suburb of Metairie began to grow. As the surrounding area evolved and changed, so did Bassil’s, offering the supplies and materials needed by new homeowners as they moved and readied their homes for habitation. As all successful businesses do, Bassil’s Ace Hardware has continued to grow and evolve. In April 1994, John Bassil retired and Fred Rittler assumed his ownership role. “Johnny” Bassil passed away in September 1996, but much of his legacy lives on through our daily operations. Our mission as an organization has always been to be the MOST helpful, MOST complete, and MOST convenient retailer in the world.